Ova Center

"Ova" is the Latin term for egg cells - the most precious part when it comes to female fertility. More and more often we see women who already have a reduced ovarian reserve at a young age and who are at risk of premature ovarian failure. In addition, changes in egg cell quality are increasing with age, which can result in a lower success rate in IVF treatment. For this reason, we have founded the Ova Center in order to be able to take targeted measures to improve the quality of the egg cells.

From the age of mid-30s onwards, the chances of pregnancy decrease, and by the age of 40, women's chances of pregnancy are as low as 5-10 % per cycle. Nevertheless, older women still consider themselves to be very fertile - even though their own fertility can be measured with simple methods. For example, the determination of AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) and a supplementary ultrasound examination can be used to check how many maturing egg cells are still available. 

However, a study* carried out by us in 2021 showed - 95% of all women between 18-29 years of age questioned had never heard of the Anti-Mullerian-hormone!
However, the study also showed that there would be a great willingness to test for AMH - 42% of fertile women aged 18-39 would take this fertility test if it were available.

*Source: Marketagent.com, April 2021, A, n = 500


How can I get my Anti-Mullerian-Hormone tested?

Your gynaecologist can give you a referral to a laboratory of your choice. You do not need to be fasting for the blood sample and the test can be done at any time regardless of your menstrual cycle. The costs for this range from 40-60 euros, depending on the laboratory.

We have also created a graph for you to give you an estimate of where you lie with your result according to your age:

A conspicuous Anti-Mullerian-Hormone is - especially in younger women - a possible reason in Austria to be able to have egg cells frozen. This is because only "medical egg freezing" is permitted in Austria. This means that women may only have their egg cells frozen if there is a medical necessity or a risk of premature loss of fertility. "Social egg freezing", in which women can have their egg cells frozen as a precautionary measure without any abnormal findings, is not permitted in Austria.

However, a conspicuous Anti-Mullerian-Hormone value can represent a medical necessity and thus enables patients to take precautions at a young age for a later wish to have children.


Are you fit for the fertility journey?
With OvaBoost you will improve the number and quality of your egg cells!

We have researched numerous studies specifically for women with incipient ovarian weakness or to improve egg cell quality, which have investigated the optimization of egg cell quality and growth through nutritional supplements. Based on these findings, we have put together a package of suitable supplements for you in collaboration with the experts at Saint Charles Pharmacy.

You can get all information about OvaBoost and an individual intake plan directly from our team of doctors or at the Saint Charles pharmacy!



  • Implantation flushing (PBMC): The body's own blood cells are specially prepared, selected and cultivated together with pregnancy hormone (HCG). These prepared lymphocytes are transferred back into the uterine cavity before embryo transfer and imitate the environment of an "intact" pregnancy. This is intended to increase the probability of implantation.
  • OvaBoost: Nutritional supplements for optimization
  • ICSI: in-vitro fertilization using the ICSI method (1 sperm cell is selected and injected into the egg)
  • CULT-active: artificial enrichment of calcium in the egg cell immediately after fertilization to increase the fertilisation rate
  • Embryonic culture: in the Time-Lapse Incubator
  • Genetic counselling: with our human geneticist OÄ Dr. Katharina Rötzer-Londgin
  • Egg donation