Our Fertility Tea

Back in 2013, we created our own Fertility Ttea to support the course of the Fertility Journey. In collaboration with our nutritionist Johanna Wolf and the Saint Charles Pharmacy, the blend was further optimised in 2020 with very carefully selected ingredients. All this with the aim of supporting the implantation phase and first weeks of pregnancy of our patients.

  • compiled by our nutritionist and the Saint Charles Pharmacy
  • all ingredients from controlled organic cultivation
  • highest quality and added value through organic cultivation
  • a refreshing blend to promote implantation, has a calming and relaxing effect
  • Main uses: from the beginning of the Fertility Journey, especially during the implantation phase and pregnancy
  • Drink 1-3 cups of this over the course of the day, warm, sip by sip and with care to relaxing music.

The tea blend is special, noble and beneficial with a balanced composition of exquisite herbs and full-bodied fruits. The soothing, calming effect, especially during the implantation phase and pregnancy, banishes melancholy, stress and mood swings.

Lemon balm: beneficial effect for melancholy and pregnancy complaints, has a calming and sleep-promoting effect

Rosehip: keeps the full vitamin content for several hours - vitamin donating

Rose petals: help with infertility - relaxes the lower warmer (uterus, lumbar region, promotes circulation in the pelvis)

Cranesbill herb: has antiviral properties and supports the body's defences

Raspberry leaves: promote the development of the mucous membrane and have a cycle-regulating effect

Lemongrass: has a relaxing effect on the body and reduces stress

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Johanna Wolf, MSc

Head of quality management
Facility management
Project management
TCM nutritionist