Andro Center

"Andro" stands for andrology and deals with male fertility. In our Andro Center we focus on male fertility and offer a wide range of spermiogram diagnostics that is unique in Austria. 

A study* conducted by us in 2022 showed - more women than men know what a spermiogram is! This lack of knowledge of men about their own fertility examinations is unfortunately always reflected in practice. The desire to have children has long been a "women's issue", although about 2/3 of all couples do not get pregnant due to reduced sperm quality.


In our Andro Center we address the individual situation of our male patients and select the appropriate tests and analyses. For the analysis of the sperm cells, the man either gives a sperm sample directly at the Kinderwunschzentrum an der Wien or at home after a sexual abstinence of 2-7 days.

We have created a detailed page for you on the subject of spermiograms - there you will find all our offers and a "Spermiogram Guide" for selecting the spermiogram that is right for you:



*The data used is based on an online survey by the Marketagent Institute. In the period between 29.4.2022 - 3.5.2022, 356 people aged between 20 and 59 from all over Austria participated. The initial sample was weighted and is representative of the Austrian population as a whole.

Are you fit for the fertility journey?
With SpermBoost you improve the number and quality of your sperm cells!

Research shows that the major reason why couples are not getting pregnant is due to reduced sperm quality. We have researched numerous studies specifically for men with conspicuous sperm count results, which have investigated the optimization of sperm count and quality through dietary supplements. Based on these findings, we have put together a package of suitable supplements for you in collaboration with the experts at Saint Charles Pharmacy:


  • SpermBoost: Nutritional supplements for optimization
  • ICSI: in-vitro fertilization using the ICSI method (1 sperm cell is selected and injected into the egg cell) 
  • PICSI: Selection of sperm cells that bind to hyaluronic acid and thus have fewer defects in the genetic material and more often a normal cell nucleus
  • Testicular biopsy (TESE): Obtaining sperm cells through a testicular biopsy and subsequent in-vitro fertilization by ICSI.
  • Genetic counselling: with our human geneticist OÄ Dr. Katharina Rötzer-Londgin
  • Urological consultation: with our consultant urologist Prim. Doz. Dr. Eugen Plas
  • Sperm donation

How can I improve my sperm quality?

Are you fit for the Fertility Journey?
With SpermBoost you improve the number and quality of your sperm cells!

Research results show that the majority of couples - approximately 2/3 - can't achieve pregnancy due to reduced sperm quality. We have researched numerous studies specifically for men with abnormal spermiogram results, which have examined the optimisation of the number and quality of sperm cells through nutritional supplements. Based on these findings, we have put together a package of suitable preparations for you in cooperation with the experts at Saint Charles Pharmacy

The following active substances have been shown to be effective in a recent study:

  • Ubiquinol/CoEnzyme Q10: can have a positive effect on the concentration and motility of sperm cells.
  • L-Arginine: is said to increase both the quantity and the (progressive) motility of the sperm.
  • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC): can improve the volume, motility and viscosity of the ejaculate. It is also said to make the seminal fluid more resistant to oxidative stress caused by free radicals.
  • Inositol: is thought to regulate male hormone balance and promote a higher proportion of normally developed sperm cells. It can also improve sperm count and motility.

All supplements are in stock for you at our partner pharmacy, the Saint Charles Pharmacy. The experts on site will be happy to advise you!

Important: Remember that you must take SpermBoost for at least 90 days to see possible results. This is because the body needs that long to form and mature new sperm cells (=spermatogenesis).

Receiving an abnormal spermiogram result can overwhelm many men and cause a feeling of helplessness. We would like to reassure you with our recommendations on therapy, nutritional supplements and lifestyle and show you what you can do yourself to improve your sperm quality. In addition, optimising your lifestyle can increase the chances of pregnancy or a possible successful treatment.
Below you will find our lifestyle tips for your fertility and the topic of achieving pregnancy.


Healthy nutrition & weight

  • Eat 60g of walnuts daily - Studies have proven that they significantly improve sperm quality! 
  • Make sure you drink enough fluids and eat more vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats.
  • Reduce your daily caffeine intake to about 2 cups of coffee or 1 caffeinated drink (energy drinks, cola).
  • We recommend the intake of vitamins and micronutrients (SpermBoost).
  • If you are overweight, we recommend losing weight to significantly improve the quality of the sperm cells. 

Smoking & Alcohol / drugs

  • Our recommendation can only be: Stop smoking - the sooner the better!
  • Smoking reduces the semen quality in all parameters by about 20% and damages the genetic information.
  • We recommend a maximum of 1-3 alcoholic drinks per week, as alcohol also has a negative influence on fertility.
  • Drug consumption is a "no-go" for fertility and the desire to have children and affects the quality of semen.

Sports & movement

  • Integrate exercise into your daily routine (climbing stairs, walking or cycling more) and do sports with moderate exertion.
  • Spinning/cycling: We advise you against hours of intense exercise, as heat, friction and tightness have been shown to damage sperm cells.
  • Other sporting activities such as extreme weight training are also not recommended. Taking performance-enhancing substances (anabolic steroids, steroids) can significantly reduce sperm quality and is strongly discouraged if you wish to have children. 

Stress, Psyche & Sleep

  • Chronic stress can have a negative effect on semen quality - so try to integrate various "moments of relaxation" into your everyday life - be it meditation, yoga or a walk in nature. Our psychotherapist Mag. Eveline Leitl will also be happy to support you.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep between 7-8 hours - if the regeneration phase is too short (less than 6 hours) or too long (more than 9 hours), fertility can decrease.