Every Journey starts with the first step.

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You want to arrange a non-binding first consultation with us, discuss your situation in a relaxed atmosphere and listen to the treatment options we can offer you?


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e.g. hormonal assay, smear tests, spermiogram, ...
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First steps consultation hour

Our first contact team will be happy to support you personally in the first steps of your Fertility Journey. During our first steps consultation hour you can get the following things done with the help of our team:

  • pick up the first consultation documents or fill them out on site
  • receive referrals for blood tests
  • submit existing medical findings and have them checked for validity
  • make an appointment for the first consultation or spermiogram

The first steps consultation hour takes place at the following times*:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday | 2 - 4 pm

*Due to our current Corona protective measures, we ask you to make an appointment for the first steps consultation hour: