Costs on the fertility journey

Finally welcoming their own child into their lives after a long time of waiting is a priceless moment for our couples. Nevertheless, in a highly specialised field such as reproductive medicine, the fertility journey naturally involves costs. On this page, we are happy to provide you with transparent information about the costs of treatment.

In 2000, the IVF Fund was created in Austria to finance in vitro fertilisation (IVF) for couples in need of infertility treatment. If certain conditions are met, the IVF Fund supports couples with 70% of the treatment costs, which means that infertility patients are only charged a deductible of 30% of the costs. The IVF Fund supports each couple for a maximum of four IVF attempts; as soon as a pregnancy with positive heart beat occurs, 4 new attempts are activated.


Conditions for the IVF fund support:

  • Age limits: At the beginning of the treatment, the woman who wants to carry the pregnancy must be under 40 years old. Her partner must be under 50 years old.
  • Marital status: The couple must be married or partnered, and in the case of cohabitation and/or use of an egg/sperm donation, a notarial deed must be drawn up in accordance with the Reproductive Medicine Act.
  • Insurance & citizenship: Both partners must have health insurance in Austria. In addition, both must either have Austrian citizenship, be EU citizens or have a valid residence title.
  • Main residence: One of the two partners must be registered in Austria.

We will be happy to advise you individually whether it is possible for you to have your costs covered and will also carry out the corresponding registration with the IVF fund for you!



Costs for IVF fund patients:

*The deductible includes all counselling sessions (excluding the first consultation), ultrasound appointments, IVF laboratory interventions, medications, procedures and follow-up care until the pregnancy test or last ultrasound.

To start your fertility journey, you first need an individual first consultation. In this non-binding consultation, you will discuss your personal situation, findings and wishes with our team of doctors, after which you will receive a treatment recommendation and a cost plan tailored to your needs.

Sometimes it is also necessary to carry out additional preliminary diagnostic examinations in order to find the cause of your infertility.

Tariffs valid from 1 January 2024

If the requirements for cost coverage by the Austrian IVF Fund are not met, you are considered a private payer. Unfortunately, health insurance does not cover any costs for fertility treatment, as infertility is not recognized as a disease by health insurance.

In a personal consultation, we will select the ideal therapy and any additional methods for you and, of course, draw up a cost plan so that you have an overview of the treatment costs. We would like to give you a brief overview of the most common treatment costs:

Tariffs valid from 1 January 2024