FAQs on the IVF fund

The IVF fund supports couples on their Fertility Journey so that only a self-deductible of 30% has to be paid. Our specialists for the IVF fund are Ms Elaine Obruca, Mphil and Ms Janine Filipp – you can contact them via email:


From the 1st of January 2000 the federal law which established the fund for the financing of in-vitro fertilization took effect. The IVF fund is an initiative by the Austrian health ministry. The financing for the IVF fund is provided by the compensation fund for family subsidies, the Austrian health insurance institutions and private insurance companies. The fund subsidizes 70% of the costs for IVF treatment for a maximum of 4 attempts if all requirements are met. This leads to financial relief for couples needing IVF treatments as only the deductible of 30% remains for the couple to pay. (Source: BMI für Gesundheit)

4 IVF attempts per couple and achieved pregnancy can be subsidized by the IVF fund.
This means: after every birth but also after a confirmed tubal pregnancy or a miscarriage after the 8th pregnancy week (positive heartbeat) leads to the activation of 4 further attempts.

The IVF fund pays 70% of treatment and medicine costs if all the requirements are met. The remaining 30% of treatment and medicine costs are to be paid by the couple. The amount of the deductible will be around € 1000,- and is is dependent on the age of the patient and the type of treatment. Possible additional costs can arise for full anaesthesia and testicular biopsy as well as for use of special methods.

Non-medical requirements: All of these criteria have to be met!

  • The female partner musn't be older than 40 years. (deadline: 40th birthday)
    The male / female partner musn't be older than 50 years sein. (deadline: 50th birthday)
  • The couple needs to be married / civil partners or living in cohabitation.
  • Both partners need to have health insurance in Austria.
  • At least one partner needs to have his/her primary residence in Austria.
  • Both partners have to be Austrian citizens, EU citizens or be in possession of a valid residency permit.

Medical requirements: At least one of these criteria has to be met!

  • Non-functional tubes (Obstruction of fallopian tubes)
  • surgically documented endometriosis
  • hormonal dysfunction PCO-syndrome
  • male infertility (pathospermia)

The registration with the IVF fund will be conducted by our specialised employees for you.
In the checklist for the registration you will find all the necessary documents which need to be in handed in before the treatment start. We can only conduct the registration when all the documents needed are present at the Kinderwunschzentrum!


The outcome or a possible birth has to be reported to the Kinderwunschzentrum within 3 months. This report has to include if the attempt led to a pregnancy, miscarriage or birth.

IMPORTANT: If this report remains undone, the 70% subsidy has to be refunded to the IVF fund!