Innovative technology

Contemporary fertility medicine demands the highest precision, the most modern technology and uncompromising quality at every point of the treatment. The standards regarding procedures and demands on staff are justifiably high as never before.

From the very beginning as pioneers in the treatment of patients who wish to have children, we have taken new paths and have continually set new standards in the procedures used in infertility. We have ourselves developed a range of totally new and effective therapy approaches or employed techniques used for the first time in Austria.

Hormones play an important role in implantation. It has been shown that prescribing a central hormone at the time of implantation leads to an increased pregnancy rate. We at the Kinderwunschzentrum were the first institute to routinely use the implantation injection. This GnRH-Analogue is injected subcutaneously by the patient in the morning on the sixth day after the ovum pick-up with a one-time injection.

A recent study reports that there is an increase in the pregnancy rate when the uterus is flushed with hCG (human choriongonadotropin, a pregnancy hormone) immediately after the ovum pick-up.

Effects of hCG-Flushing:

  • The immunological tolerance of the uterus in favour of an implantation changes positively
  • Circulation of the mucous membrane increases further
  • The ability of the surface cells to attach themselves to the embryo increases
  • The readiness of the uterine muscle cells to cramp is reduced (a rejection of the embryo is prevented)
  • The protein hormone receptors in the uterine mucous membrane increases. This hormone is decisive for implantation

An unfulfilled desire to have children is a great burden. We have developed a method which quickly and productively determines the causes of infertility. All relevant examinations for the FertiCheck can be done within a month’s cycle.

In the treatment of infertility, correct “matching” is the highest principle, and this is why we have developed QuinniMatch. This Europe-wide unique system makes a mix-up of embryos and sperm cells impossible. 
Due to an individual QR-Code for each fertility treatment couple, it allows a complete documentation and excludes all sources of error.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Heinz Strohmer, the founder of the Kinderwunschzentrum, is Austria’s pioneer in the field of AI and fertilization medicine. At the moment, Prof. Strohmer and his team are researching the impressive possibilities using Artificial Intelligence in the treatment of infertility.