Nutritional counselling

A healthy and well-balanced diet is an important factor for the success of a fertility treatment. If the female body does not receive the absolute best nutrition, the reproductive function is the first area that stops working well.

The goal of Chinese Traditional Medicine is to bring the body into the correct balance. The emphasis is on establishing an individual nutritional plan because, based on a person’s constitution and degree of health, various foods are needed for the body. In this connection, it is not only the choice of foods that play an important role, but also the preparation of those foodstuffs.

  • Supply of high quality, energy-providing food
  • Creation of balance (Yin & Yang)
  • Increase of the flow of free energy (remove blockages)
  • Positive influence on sperm and egg cell quality
  • Preparation of the uterus for embryo implantation
  • Support of cell renewal (Protection against premature aging, Increasing performance)
  • Improvement of the immune system
  • Attaining the ideal personal weight

In an individual nutritional counselling session using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), your present state of health will be evaluated. Using pulse and tongue diagnostic techniques, your body’s individual energy condition will be tested. We can then build on this information and draw up a complete personal therapy plan. This plan is dependent on your bodily constitution, your age, your profession as well as the time of year. At the same time you will receive valuable, easy and practical tips for every day.

Johanna Wolf, MSc
Biomedical Analyst, Diploma in TCM Nutritional Councelling
T +43 699 127 411 44

In cooperation with our Nutrition Counsellor Johanna Wolf and the Saint Charles Pharmacy, we have created our own Fertility Tea – a tea which will positively influence the progress of your Fertility Journey. The mixture of very carefully-chosen ingredients from biological cultivation helps the implantation phase and also has a calming and relaxing effect. Find out more about our Fertility Tea here!

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Johanna Wolf, MSc

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