Add-on treatments

Why we prepare the best fertility journey for you

For the success of your Fertility Journey, it is important that you feel completely comfortable. Therefore, in addition to the most modern treatment methods and an individual treatment plan, we also offer supportive measures that ensure your well-being and contribute to fulfilling your dream.

Psychotherapeutic care

Your mental health is very important and should never be overlooked or neglected during a fertility treatment. This is why in addition to our medical treatments we offer you free psychotherapeutic care.

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Nutritional counselling

During your individual nutrional counselling your current health is evaluated. Based on these results or nutritionist will create a personal therapy plan for you. 

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IVF consultation

We offer IVF-counselling to patients who are just beginning their first IVF-treatment or are already in the preparation phase before stimulation.

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Complementary add-ons

In many cases, in order to increase the chances of pregnancy, a holistic approach requires the application of non-medical methods.

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