Endometriosis Center for infertility couples

About one in ten women has endometriosis, the second most common cause of infertility. Due to this frequency of diagnosis and the highest standards of treatment required for endometriosis, our Endometriosis Centre for infertility couples is the perfect place for couples to turn to.

Our Endometriosis Center for infertility couples is the ideal place to go for women who have already been diagnosed with endometriosis and now want to achieve a pregnancy despite the disease. 

If you do not wish to get pregnant right now, but would like general gynaecological advice on the subject of endometriosis, please contact your gynaecologist or one of the many endometriosis centers in Austria:


Endometriomas (endometriosis cysts) can have a negative impact on the surrounding ovarian tissue. As a result, the egg cell reserve decreases and egg cell quality can be impaired. In the context of IVF therapy, a reduced egg cell retrieval is therefore to be expected. Surgical removal of the endometriomas is a very effective therapy, but this damages the surrounding ovarian tissue and results in the loss of egg cells, in the worst case even the removal of the entire ovary.

We have therefore decided to offer our patients with endometriosis the minimally invasive treatment of transvaginal sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is an outpatient procedure in which the contents of the endometriosis cyst are first aspirated and the cyst is then instilled with alcohol (ethanol) for sclerotherapy in order to destroy the inner layer of the endometrioma. Ideally, the cyst transforms into connective tissue and then degrades itself. The surrounding ovarian tissue is not affected and the ovarian reserve is spared. 

The procedure is performed under a short anaesthetic and takes about 20 minutes, after about 2 hours of observation we can send you home. 


When is transvaginal sclerotherapy used?

  • for complaints caused by endometriomas
  • if egg cell retrieval is not possible or significantly more difficult due to endometriomas during IVF therapy
  • if few or no follicles mature during ovarian stimulation in the presence of endometriomas
  • in the case of recurrences, if surgical treatment has already taken place and a new operation is to be avoided

Our current data confirms the results from the literature and show that outpatient transvaginal sclerotherapy is superior to the classic laparoscopic surgical technique in these cases.


If you are interested in transvaginal sclerotherapy, our team of doctors will be happy to advise you!

Many of those affected already have to struggle with enough uncertainties due to the disease, are often not taken seriously and are considerably restricted in their everyday lives by endometriosis. It is therefore reassuring for many women to know that they at least have the option of making provisions for the topic of wanting a child in the future.

In Austria, endometriosis is a possible reason to have egg cells frozen. This is because only "medical egg freezing" is permitted in Austria. This means that women may only have their egg cells frozen if there is a medical necessity. "Social egg freezing", where women can have their egg cells frozen as a preservation, is not permitted in Austria.

However, a diagnosed endometriosis disease can be a medical necessity and thus enables patients to take precautions at a young age for a later wish to have children.


More information on MEDICAL EGG FREEZING

As early as 2013, we created our own Fertility Tea to support the course of the fertility journey.

In 2023, in addition to the existing Fertility Tea, we created the "Endo Fertility Tea" in collaboration with our nutritionist Johanna Wolf and the Saint Charles Pharmacy. The individual blend with very carefully selected ingredients can be drunk throughout the entire fertility journey.

  • available at the Saint Charles Apotheke in 1060 Vienna
  • all ingredients from controlled organic cultivation
  • highest quality and added value through organic cultivation
  • antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory at the same time
  • Main areas of application: for endometriosis patients with / without the desire to have children


A healthy and balanced diet can help to alleviate the pain of endometriosis. Through the adapted diet, the inflammatory processes are inhibited, which can alleviate the symptoms.

The team around the documentary "nicht die Regel" together with the endometriosis expert Univ. Prof. Dr. René Wenzl, MSc have created a diet plan for endometriosis patients - we can warmly recommend it to you and are happy to make it available to you here:


Eight women suffering from endometriosis produced the documentary "nicht die Regel". Their aim is to bring the little-known disease out of the shadows, educate sufferers and combat misinformation. It is about three different women who talk about their lives with endometriosis. They tell of complaints, long diagnostic paths, therapies and operations.

It quickly becomes clear that despite the high number of people affected, there is a lack of knowledge about this chronic disease - not only in society, but also among doctors. The film deals with widespread myths by featuring numerous experts from various fields.

As a proud cooperation partner, we supported the successful crowdfunding campaign for the making of the film in 2021 and want to create more awareness for the topic of endometriosis! Our medical director Prof. Dr. Andreas Obruca also appears in the film as an expert on the topic of endometriosis and infertility. Rating - worth seeing!