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Every couple is individual - that's why it is important to us to design your fertility journey individually and to provide you with the best possible care. With our special competence centers and experienced experts, we offer you the best possible treatment for your individual situation. To this end, we have established various competence centres in recent years, such as the PCOS Center, the Rainbow Center, the Andro Center, the Ova Center and the Endometriosis Center for Infertility Couples.

As the leading center for fertility treatment, we are constantly expanding our knowledge and specializing in a wide range of diagnostics, so that we have the right therapeutic solution for every individual problem! This enables us to achieve a high success rate even with more complex initial situations.

Andro Center

"Andro" stands for andrology and deals with male fertility. In our Andro Center we focus on male fertility and offer a wide range of spermiogram diagnostics that is unique in Austria. We take your individual situation into account and select the appropriate tests and analyses for you. Depending on the results, we offer suggestions for solutions, such as optimizing sperm quality with our "Sperm Boost" package.

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Endometriosis Center for infertility couples

About one in ten women has endometriosis, the second most common cause of infertility. Due to this frequency of diagnosis and the highest standards of treatment required for endometriosis, our Endometriosis Centre for infertility couples is the perfect place for couples to turn to.

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Ova Center

"Ova" is the Latin term for egg cells - the most precious part when it comes to female fertility. More and more often we see women who already have a reduced ovarian reserve at a young age and who are at risk of premature ovarian failure. In addition, changes in egg cell quality are increasing with age, which can result in a lower success rate in IVF treatment. For this reason, we have founded the Ova Center in order to be able to take targeted measures to improve the quality of the egg cells.

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PCOS Center

5 to 10 percent of all women suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) without knowing it: heavy body hair, overweight and irregular menstruation can be indications of the hormone disorder. The earlier a PCOS patient receives the appropriate counselling and treatment, the better the chances of success. Our PCOS Center specialises in the treatment of PCOS patients and offers weekly consultations.

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Rainbow Center

As the first fertility centre in Austria, we founded our Rainbow Center in 2015 to support LGBTQIA+ couples on their fertility journey. We are convinced that the wish for a child should be detached from sexuality and the gender of the parents. We are particularly pleased that we have already been able to care for more than 800 rainbow couples in recent years, of which about 2/3 were able to enjoy a positive pregnancy.

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fertility for future

Give your fertility a future! We want to educate young people and create awareness for fertility and fertility preservation. And we do this long before family planning is due. With "fertility for future", we would like to achieve that young women and men have self-determined control over their fertility and family planning.

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