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No Fertility Journey is alike, because the reasons for infertility are as varied as the respective treatment method. We take the time to find the right path for your individual Fertility Journey and together we determine the best and most promising treatment.

Cycle monitoring & timed intercourse

It is very important to determine the right time for fertilisation in order to maximise the chance of a "natural" pregnancy through intercourse. This is when monitoring the menstrual cycle and intercourse at the right moment come into play. 

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Hormonal Stimulation

With some patients it is necessary to carry out hormonal stimulation of the ovaries.
Through stimulation, the hormone levels are brought in to the correct initial position for a prospective pregnancy, and a maturing of several follicles occurs.
Together we will determine the optimal time for ovulation, which is important for continued progress in your desire to have children.

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For insemination, the sperm cells are placed at the ideal time directly into the uterine cavity. In this way, more sperm cells can reach the egg cells quicker, unlike in a natural insemination.

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In-vitro fertilization (IVF/ICSI)

In-vitro fertilization means fertilization outside of the body.
Through hormonal stimulation of the ovaries a maturing of several follicles occurs. The egg cells are taken from the ovaries and are brought together with the sperm cells. After fertilization, the embryo is then placed inside the uterus.

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Sperm and egg donation

In some cases, sperm or egg donation is necessary in order to fulfill a couple’s wish for a child. The emergence of new life is a small miracle and associated with a lot of responsibility.
We invest a lot of time and diligence in the selection of suitable donors.

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Sperm cell and Egg Cell Freezing

If need be, sperm cells, egg cells and embryos can be cryopreserved and used at a later time for a fertility treatment. In this connection, so-called cryopreservation- derived from the ancient greek word “cryos” meaning cold - is used. 

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