Our recommendation for the COVID vaccination - what you have to consider

Our team of doctors is clearly in favor of the COVID vaccination and recommends it to all couples who are planning to conceive. The vaccination helps prevent infection and thus protects mother and child.

The vaccination program against the COVID-19 infection has started in Austria. Without a doubt, high vaccination coverage and the resulting herd immunity is an important milestone in the fight against the pandemic. However, many couples who are preparing for pregnancy and parents-to-be are currently unsure whether and when they should be vaccinated against Corona due to different recommendations from public institutions.


Our recommendations for women:

  • YES to vaccination: If you are not currently pregnant or plan to become pregnant.
  • YES to vaccination: If you are currently pregnant AND a high risk patient.
  • NO to vaccination: If you are currently pregnant.


Our recommendations for men:

  • YES to vaccination: To protect your pregnant partner and yourself from COVID infection.

No evidence of a negative impact on fertility


“There is currently no evidence that vaccination against COVID-19 has a negative impact on fertility in women and men. International specialist societies therefore recommend couples who want to have children to get vaccinated against corona. We share this opinion, because an infection with COVID during pregnancy can be very dangerous for mother and child, ”explains our medical director and president of the Austrian IVF society, Prof. Dr. Andreas Obruca.

Important information regarding pregnancy

COVID courses are more severe in pregnant women and the risk of premature birth increases in late pregnancy. According to the current data, mRNA vaccines should not mean an increased risk for pregnant women and the fetus, but have not (yet) been tested in studies on pregnant women.

A negative pregnancy test is not a prerequisite for a COVID vaccination. Especially pregnant women in risk groups - regarding the infection but also illness - can and should - according to the recommendation of our team of doctors - be vaccinated after appropriate information. If a fever occurs after the vaccination, paracetamol can be prescribed.

You can find all detailed information here: CORONA & FERTILITY 

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