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OÄ Dr. Katharina Rötzer-Londgin

The expertise of the Kinderwunschzentrum an der Wien is being further expanded. Together with twelve other fertility experts, senior physician Dr. Katharina Rötzer-Londgin enriches the team as an expert in the field of genetic counselling and diagnostics. This expertise helps to determine the causes of limited fertility. It also helps to identify and reduce the risk of a genetically caused disease in the child.

Dr. Katharina Rötzer-Londgin expands our genetics expertise at the Kinderwunschzentrum an der Wien. As a consultant geneticist, she carries out genetic consultations, performs pedigree analysis and advises infertile couples on genetic issues. Her services also include initiating genetic tests such as karyograms and discussing the often complex results. Thus, couples receive comprehensive care that takes into account all factors for possible infertility and offers individual solutions.


Explaining complicated issues sensitively

We have always focused not only on professional but also on social competence in our team. The topic of infertility is both emotionally upsetting and thematically complex and difficult to understand for many couples. Dr. Rötzer-Londgin is a doctor who does not shy away from explaining complicated topics in an empathetic and understandable way: "It is particularly important to me that our couples also feel well looked after and advised on the subject of genetics. Genetics is a multifaceted field that can enlighten not only in questions of fertility," says Dr. Rötzer.

Our medical director Univ. Prof. Dr. Andreas Obruca is also pleased about the competent addition to the team: "We greatly appreciate Dr. Rötzer-Londgin's professional skills and her empathetic approach to patients. With her, we have been able to gain an important expert for our Genetics Competence Centre.

When does genetic counselling and diagnostics make sense?

Genetic counselling and diagnostics can help to determine the causes of limited fertility and increase the probability of pregnancy. Counselling is particularly useful if the mother's age is over 35, if there are abnormal hormone findings in the woman or man, or if no exact cause for the infertility has been found so far. An additional clarification option is the so-called carrier screening, a genetic analysis that is carried out on the future parents. This determines whether one or both parents have a predisposition that can lead to a common "recessively" inherited disease in the child. In this way, genetic diagnostics can identify or reduce the risk of a genetically caused disease occurring in the child. During genetic counselling at the Kinderwunschzentrum an der Wien, a detailed personal and family history is always taken, including a family tree analysis over three generations, in order to give couples the best possible overview and to get one step closer to the dream of having a child.


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