The waiting time until the pregnancy test

Tips for your Fertility Journey

All couples who need a fertility treatment have one thing in common:
The 2-week waiting period for the pregnancy test using a blood sample.

Our patients try a variety of methods to get pregnant: timed sexual intercourse, monitoring the menstrual cycle and triggering ovulation, maybe even treatment with insemination or artificial insemination (IVF). In the end, everyone has to wait for a positive pregnancy test. Perhaps you are currently in this exciting phase of the treatment - the curiosity about the result is unbearable and the time passes more slowly than usual. However, since an increased stress level can have a negative effect on implantation, we would like to give you a few tips so that you can spend the waiting time as calmly and relaxed as possible.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet for better chances of implantation

Dietary fiber promotes digestion and the estrogen balance - you can achieve an adequate supply with crushed flaxseed, cabbage, whole grain and nuts. Eat warm foods - the rise in the hormone progesterone causes your body temperature to rise - "a warm nest is an inviting nest". So strengthen yourself with vegetable soups, fish, sea salt, rice and lentils. Don't forget to drink enough and reduce your consumption of coffee and energy drinks!

Listen to your own body and still maintain realistic expectations

High expectations while waiting for a positive test result are filled with great emotions, which leads to the fact that this situation creates more stress hormones. However, strong stress has a negative effect on implantation, as the body is too "overwhelmed" and does not allow pregnancy. Often, understandably, there is a lack of patience and every slightest signal (increase in basal temperature, spotting, cramps, etc.) is counted. A clear head and realistic expectations are very important for the waiting time, so it is essential to take care of yourself and create a positive atmosphere. Relaxation exercises, exercise in moderation and massages are particularly recommended here!


Wait until the time comes to do the pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests measure the pregnancy hormone hCG. For the first few weeks after implantation, it doubles every 48-72 hours. However, this also means that the values are initially even lower and testing too early can turn out negative. Of course, this causes sadness and despair - that's why you should always wait until the day we tell you to do the test! Urine tests are never as accurate as blood tests, so we send you to the laboratory. Even if bleeding has already occurred, it is important to test to rule out a possible ectopic pregnancy!

Quit smoking

If you haven't already given up smoking, do so now at the latest! Smoking causes poor blood flow to the ovaries and can affect the development of the uterine lining. As a result, thesuccess rate for those who wish to have children who smoke drops by up to 25%! In addition, women smokers unfortunately have twice as high a chance of miscarriage.

Try to have a relaxed and happy time - you deserve it!

Don't pay attention to the symptoms that could mean pregnancy or bleeding, look to yourself! This will help you reduce stress and create a welcoming atmosphere for the baby. Take a nap and go to sleep earlier, do moderate exercise (e.g. if you want to conceive, yoga or walk) and treat yourself to a massage (mention to the staff that you may be pregnant) or a day with your partner or best friend. In addition, we would like to warmly recommend our relaxation groups with psychotherapist Eveline Leitl!

Allow positive thoughts and trust

Negative thought structures influence the circulation and change the hormonal balance. Positive thoughts support you during this time to be open and receptive to implantation and pregnancy. Meditation, mind journeys (guided by Eveline Leitl) and writing a diary can help to synchronize your body with the new situation.