Don't Smoke - an Austrian initiative, where every signature counts!

In our daily routine we are helping couples longing for a child. Unfortunately, many of them are smokers – however we often have to convice them that every day is a closer step to successful fertility treatment.

It is our duty as a society to ban smoking! The pregnancy rate of smokers is reduced by 50%. Additionally nicotine raises the chances of a tubal pregnancy or miscarriage considerably and on an average, smokers undergo menopause 3 years earlier. More about the relation between smoking and fertility as well as the consequences of smoking can be read here!

You can sign the online petition at and thereby support the claims of the OeGHO! All citizens living in Austria which want to improve the situation are cordially invited to sign. This includes children and teens as well which are even more influenced by the effects of passive smoking and are often still very young when they start smoking.

Our offer:

We know that the path to nicotine abstinence is a hard one. At the same time this is one of the most effective measures to achieve your desire for a healthy child. Talk to us – we will help and assist you in any way we can with your nicotine reduction.

Nicotine withdrawal with our psychotherapist:

Eveline Paula Leitl, MSc
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Good advice can also be found on the website This Austrian-wide initiative offers support for a smoke free and healthy life.

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