Vaginismus as a great burden for affected women

Affected women suffer from this disease and rarely talk about this problem. But this topic really needs to be discussed with the partner or a gynaecologist! Because if the wish for a child arises, vaginismus will become a problem at the latest!

Vaginismus is an uncontrollable tension or cramps of the vaginal muscles, which occurs as soon as women try to have intercourse or want to insert a tampon. Most of the time this cramping is painful and a great burden as well as a limitation of the sexuality of affected women and their partners.

Often vaginismus isn’t caused by organic, but psychic reasons, for example a negative sexual experience in the past. The disease can influence the self-esteem of women and might as well create a feeling of inferiority or worthlessness in relation to sexuality. The vaginal cramps therefore represent a defense reaction of the body.

Different types of vaginismus

Medically, we distinguish between the primary and secondary vaginismus. Primary vaginismus can already happen to younger girls, even before their first sexual intercourse. Secondary vaginismus often occurs after giving birth – but it can also be triggered by traumatic events, such as a painful gynaecological examination, rapes or often painful intercourse.


What can be helpful?

Depending on the triggering event of this disease, methods such as pelvic floor exercising, the vaginal self-investigation, dilators or psychotherapy promise good results. Dilators are smooth, conically shaped rods in different sizes, which helps the vagina getting used to insertation.

Women frequently suffering from vaginal cramps are strongly advised to fix an appointment with their trusted gynaecologist. in order to identify the cause of the vaginismus. Important: Any further cramp intensifies the symptoms!

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