QuinniMatch: Matching system in the Kinderwunschzentrum

Correct “matching” is a key principle in fertility treatment. This is why we developed the first European matching system.

The software QuinniMatch was developed by our medical director Prof. Dr. Heinz Strohmer and the software developer DI Wolfgang Markhart and is linked with our existing patient management system. With the use of a QR-code and a “Kinderwunsch-Card” (ID Card) a complete documentation is guaranteed and possible errors are excluded.

Matching: a gapless security and control system based on a QR-code

QuinniMatch is unique in fertility medicine across Europe and is based on the use of a QR-code for every patient couple. All the steps which take place during fertility treatment are documented and several containers, cups and materials are marked with an invidual QR-code. “By using this matching system we can guarantee the correct match of provided cell material 100 percent of the time.” says Prof. Strohmer. Simultaneously, we can ensure that the complete treatment process is absolutely error-free since the system lets us know if anything is a mismatch.

“Kinderwunsch-Card” with an individual QR-Code for every patient

At the beginning of every treatment our patients receive a “Kinderwunsch-Card” (Kiwu-Card) for their unique identification. The QR-code printed on the Kiwu-Card is the personal key for our patients to the most secure fertility treatment in Europe.