Psychotherapeutic care

The emotional roller-coaster of hope and trepidation, trust and scepticism, happiness and despair accompany most couples in fertility treatments. The treatment is most often  additional stress despite all endeavors, flexible appointments and support groups.

Your package for psychotherapeutic care

We have the compiled the list of offers and hope that these are an additional support during your time at the Kinderwunschzentrum. These offers are free of charge. They are special offers of the Kinderwunschzentrum – receiving no support by the IVF fund – and can so be used by private patients too. They encompass:

The relaxation groups: see below for full information

The consultation: onetime consultation, in the private office of Eveline Paula Leitl, MSc

The crisis intervention: 1 per failed attempt, regardless of the treatment conducted. The offer is valid within one month of knowledge of the negative result. In crisis cases Mrs Leitl will try to arrange an appointment in her private office within 48 hours. Whether you wish to come alone or as a couple remains your decision.

Psychosoziale Aspekte

The relaxation group

Time: every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month on work days at 7pm (punctually).
Registration is not necessary.

Place: gym of the physiotherapy institute at the Goldenes Kreuz (Souterrain: left at the concierge and through the radiology department, down one flight of stairs). Please do not enter the gym with street shoes!

To make sure the meeting will actually take place, please call the following number on the same day: +43 – 1 – 370 58 36. In case of cancellation the voicemail will let you know immediately after the greeting.

You can check when the next relaxation group is scheduled in our „calendar“ area!

What happens in the relaxation group?

Under Mrs Leitl‘s guidance you will learn methods (based on hypnotherapy) with which you can reach psychological and physical relaxation on your own as well as how to increase your self-awareness. As the attending people – meaning you – can determine the content according to your needs, I also offer the possibility to acquire the completed exercise as an Audio-CD. Prerequisite: a stamped DIN A5 envelope with €1,60 and your address as well as a blank audio CD in a slim case.

Please bring your own pillow and blanket if needed.

Psychotherapeutic downloads

Relaxation CD for after the embryo transfer

This audio track helps to actively relax within the hours and days after the embryo transfer. It was recorded IN GERMAN by our psychotherapist Eveline Leitl, MSc and is provided for you below.


Read here Mrs Leitls Masterthesis:
“Selbstbild heterosexueller Inseminationsfamilien unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Mannes in seiner Vaterrolle“
Master thesis Eveline Paula Leitl, MSc