Demonstration videos: Injection training

As desired, every patient receives training on the day the injections are issued. Our nursing staff will instruct you on how to inject the medication. Should you be unsure or confused with the handling of the injections do not try to use them but instead get in touch with us. The 1st injection can, of course, be injected at the Kinderwunschzentrum. These demonstration videos on the injection of stimulation medication can and should not replace a consultation with a doctor as well as professional injection training by qualified personnel. Your individual stimulation plan, as well as the specific dosage can only be issued after medical consultation and therapy planning!

Where can I properly dispose of syringes & injection needles?

We kindly ask you to collect the syringes and injection needles in a solid and firmly closed container (e.g. plastic detergent containers). The container can then be handed over to a collection center for hazardous household wastes.

Injections using the Puregon pen

This video is for injections using the Puregon pen. Your individual dosage (according to your stimulation plan) can be set on the pen!

Official manual of the Puregon Pen

Should your stimulation protocol include the use of the Gonal-F pen you can download the official manual here: Official manual of the Gonal-F Pen

Injections using disposable syringes

This video is for injections using disposable syringes, for example Orgalutran, Ovitrelle or Decapeptyl. The injections are ready without any preparation!

Injections with vial 1:1 (75units)

This video is for injections with Merional, Meriofert, Menopur, etc. In this case (dosage of 75units) only 1 fluid vial will be mixed with 1 powder vial.

Injections using several vials (150-450units)

This video is for injections with Merional, Meriofert, Menopur, etc. using several vials in order to increase the units. This is the case for 150-450units.