Cryopreservation (Reprosafe)

Methods to treat infertility have developed rapidly.  A key component of this is the possibility to freeze various cells and tissue. As a result of this, it is possible to undergo a fertility treatment at some other point in the future.

According to the Reproductive Medicine Act of Austria

  • Sperm cells
  • Unfertilized egg cells
  • Embryos
  • Testicular tissue

can be conserved and stored until a repeal by, or death of, the individual(s) concerned. These cells originating from the female, however, can only be stored up to ten years.


In our Reprosafe program, we employ the latest methods of cryopreservation and storage.  Since storage is very expensive, the couple/patient will incur annual costs.  We contact our patients regularly in order to stay in touch and to remind them of these samples.  Understandably, the patient may decide at any time that the samples should be disposed of which we will do immediately upon receipt of a written confirmation.