The Kinderwunschzentrum is testing ultrasound examinations at home

During fertility treatment routine check-ups are necessary. The Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz is now testing the use of mobile ultrasound machines. International studies have shown higher patient satisfaction due to more self-determination and less stress.

During the stimulation phase of an IVF treatment patients are required to have ultrasound check-ups of the maturing follicles in regular intervals, sometimes as short as every two days. “There are big differences regarding the ovaries reaction to stimulation. In order to adjust the medication dosage accordingly, continuous monitoring is necessary”, explains our medical director Univ. Prof. Dr. Heinz Strohmer.

The check-ups are significantly time-consuming especially for couples who do not live in the immediate vicinity of our clinic and thus have a long access route. Through the use of mobile ultrasound machines patients could soon conduct the examination stress-free at home. The machine consists of a probe and a tablet on which the patients can save the ultrasound picture in order to send it to the Kinderwunschzentrum.

Future fathers can assume a more active part
Another advantage of the mobile ultrasound machine is the further inclusion of the partner. The machine allows a more active participation of the partner during the examination and thus increases the feeling of self-determination.

Easy use – step by step guidance
At the start of the treatment the patient and partner are introduced to the functions of the machine. The system guides them step by step through the examination and gives feedback whether an ultrasound image was successfully captured. The data is transmitted securely to the Kinderwunschzentrum and saved in the patient software QuinniWeb. We are currently testing how feasible this application is for our patients and the day to day routine.

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