Sperm donation for lesbian couples

According to the guidelines of the Reproductive Medicine Act of 1992, lesbian couples up until now were not allowed to fulfill their wish for a child.  By the end of 2014 this could change drastically. On the 17th of January, the president of the constitutional court announced his intention to confront the legislator regarding a change – it should be possible for lesbian couples to undergo treatment in a fertility clinic. The main part of the dispute, namely the prevention of surrogate motherhood, does not apply to sperm donations. Even with fertility treatments, pregnancy and birth are natural processes and do not raise ethical or moral issues.

The main treatment method is an insemination with donor sperm. This requires functioning fallopian tubes of the affected woman. In addition, the couple has to be living in a registered partnership as well as consent via notarial deed to the use of third party donor sperm. If all these requirements are met, nothing can stand in the way of fulfillment of their wish for a child.

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