Our fertility tea

In 2013 the Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz decided to create its own fertility tea in order to positively influence the outcome of a fertility treatment. In collaboration with the company Sonnentor and our nutritionist Johanna Wolf, MSc we created a mixture of an exquisite assortment of ingredients. All this with the goal of supporting the nidation phase & first pregnancy weeks of our patients.

  • composed by our nutritionist & the company Sonnentor
  • all ingredients from controlled organic cultivation
  • highest quality & added value through organic cultivation in small peasant farming
  • a refreshing mixture that supports nidation, has a soothing effect & relaxes
  • application focus: during nidation phase & pregnancy
  • drink 1-3 cups throughout the day, warm, sip by sip while listening to relaxing music

The fertility tea is available in our institute and can be drunk over a long period of time (we recommend until the 12th pregnancy week).

Ingredients & effect

This special and pleasant tea mixture is composed of delicate herbs and full-flavored fruits. The pleasant and relaxing effect will dispel melancholia, stress and mood swings especially during the stage of nidation as well as the first weeks of pregnancy.

Melissa: positive effect on melancholia and pregnancy afflictions – is calming and soporific
Blackberry leaves: supports the development of the endometrium
Rose hip: is vitamin-containing over a few hours, vitamin donating
Rose bloom: aids in infertility – relaxes the pelvic base (uterus, lumbar region, supports the blood flow in the lesser pelvis)
Pieces of beet root and raspberries: provide the tea with its gallant red colour