We speak your language!

The multicultural society is a big challenge for clinics in urban regions and thus language barriers are part of our daily routine. We are not ignoring this situation and instead have prepared for foreign languages accordingly. By now we already have team members speaking 10 different mother tongues. First consultations can be carried out in a variety of 8 languages. If we do not offer your mother tongue you are highly welcome to bring an interpreter with you!

First consultations possible in the following languages

German: entire team of doctors
English: entire team of doctors
Italian:  Univ. Prof. Dr. Heinz Strohmer & Dr. Verena Passuello
Bosnian, Serbian & Croatian: Dr. Dijana Hadžiomerovic-Pekic

Short appointments on a conversational base possible in the following languages

For ultrasounds, short appointments or questions we can additionally offer you the following languages:
Bulgarian, Tagalog, Hungarian


Mit herzlichen Grüßen / best wishes / cordiali saluti / S poštovanjem / Srdacni pozdravi / Szívélyes üdvözlet / Ang gumagalang