Guide to your first consultation

Step 1 - You want to freeze your egg cells / sperm cells

If needed egg cells or sperm cells can be cryopreserved and used for a later fertility treatment. The reasons for cryopreservation can be varied. This method, however, is not suitable for all egg or sperm cells. We will be happy to advise you if this technique is recommended based on your individual medical findings.

The Austrian Law states that egg or sperm cells can only be frozen due to a medically indicated reason (see below). Every other form of freezing, for example in order to postpone family formation, is unfortunately forbidden in Austria. For these patients we cooperate with European partner centres so that we can still offer this treatment for you.

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I am a woman and want to freeze my egg cells.
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Medical reasons

In Austria it is forbidden to freeze egg or sperm cells without medical reasons. This is the case if you suffer from a severe illness, a chemo therapy is planned or your fertility is threatened due to other reasons (low ovarian reserve, severe form of endometriosis).

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I am a man and want to freeze my sperm cells.
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Without medical reasons

According to the Austrian Law of Reproductive Medicine it is unfortunately not allowed to freeze egg or sperm cells without medical reasons. In order to still offer you this kind of treatment we cooperate with European partner centers.

Step 2 - Your way to the first consultation

We need the following documents in order to schedule an appointment for the first consultation. Please fill out the documents and send them to us with a copy/scan of your personal ID cards/passports. As soon as we have received these documents our team will contact you to make an appointment.

In acute cases (eg. you will soon start chemo therapy) we kindly ask you to immediately give us a call!

Mandy Winkler, BSc
Mandy Winkler, BA

Sperm freezing: Documents for the first appointment

We look forward to be hearing from you!

We look forward to be hearing from you!

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