FAQs on the first consultation

How much does the first consultation at the Kinderwunschzentrum cost?

The first consultation for a fertility treatment costs € 100.- (regardless which doctor you see) and can be paid in cash or with a debit or credit card. If you’re not feeling ready and want to receive more information in advance you can visit one of our monthly information evenings. You will get to know our institute, listen to a presentation on reasons and treatment options and have a short consultation with our team of doctors afterwards.

Where can I fix the appointment for the first consultation?

The first steps until your first appointment at the Kinderwunschzentrum can often be overwhelming – medical findings need to be conducted, all data has to be collected and an appropriate time for the consultation must be found. That’s why we established the “Pre-Department” – a special service responsible for your “perfect start”.  Our Pre-Department can be contacted via e-mail start@kinderwunschzentrum.at or via telephone at T +43 1 934 69 79 or T +43 1 40 111 – 5426.

What do I need in order to make an appointment?

In order to fix an appointment for the first consultation we need the completed forms “consent form GDPR”“personal data” as well as the “female / male questionnaire”. Please attach a scan or copy of your personal IDs or passports as well.

How long is the waiting period for my appointment?

In general we have a waiting period of a few weeks. Most patients use this time to conduct all the missing medical findings and examinations. Without these documents our doctors can’t plan your treatment – you won’t believe how time flies until the first consultation while collecting all the missing findings.
You already have all the preliminary examinations from our checklist? – in that case the next appointment available is yours.

What else do I need for the first consultation?

In addition to your data & medical histories we also need legible passport or personal ID copies / scans of both partners as well as all the medical examinations of our checklist of preliminary examinations.

Where can I conduct the required medical examinations?

Female: All blood tests can be done in every laboratory as well as our cooperating laboratory the “Ihr Labor 1090” without appointment. The smear tests (PAP, cervical bacterial culture including chlamydia) are conducted by your gynaecologist.

Male: All blood tests can be done in every laboratory as well as our cooperating laboratory the “Ihr Labor 1090” without appointment. The semen analysis can be conducted by your urologist, in many laboratories with an appointment or directly at the Kinderwunschzentrum (€ 110.-).

Do I really need to conduct all the medical examinations from the checklist?

All findings are needed for a correct evaluation and treatment planning – some of them are even prescribed by law. Below we explain why we need the medical examinations in order to help your understanding:

Hormonal assay: This is the most important examination and helps assess female fertility. Please keep in mind that for a correct evaluation the test has to be conducted between the 1st and 4th day of your cycle (1st day = 1st day of the bleeding).

APC-resistance: In order to detect a possible increased risk of a thrombosis during hormonal stimulation we need this specific coagulation parameter.

Smear tests: Symptom-free vaginal infections (eg. chlamydia) can influence fertility. Additionally, prior to a planned pregnancy a check-up of the PAP smear is mandatory.

Spermiogram: This is the most important examination and helps assess male fertility as well as the semen quality.