FAQs on the embryo transfer

Do I have to prepare for the embryo transfer?

We ask you to refrain from visiting the bathroom 30 minutes before your appointment so that your bladder is properly filled for the procedure. Please continue your daily medication as always.

Does my bladder have to be really full for the transfer?

We ask you to refrain from visiting the bathroom 30 minutes before your appointment so that your bladded is properly filled for the procedure. The full bladder means that the uterus is elongated and this makes it easier to place the embryo in the right place.

If you cannot hold it any longer you can go to the toilet and release a bit of urin. Please do not come to the transfer with an empty bladder as this makes the transfer of the embryo harder for our doctors.

Do I have to refrain from eating before the transfer?

No – You can eat and drink normally as no sedation is conducted for this procedure.

Can I drive a car on the day of the embryo transfer?

You can drive a car on the day of the embryo transfer as you will have no physical limitations after the procedure.

How long does the embryo transfer take? And how long should I stay at the Institute?

The embryo transfer takes up to 15 minutes. You can go home straight after the procedure but you are welcome to lie down for 10 minutes in the quiet room. You can also go to the toilet immediately after the transfer. Long bed rest or physical restraint do NOT increase your chances of pregnancy.

Which medication should I take after the transfer?

On the day of the transfer you will receive information from the doctor on which medication to take. Please take them as prescribed until the pregnancy test and in case of a positive result until the 12th week of pregnancy.

Any other medication than the ones presribed should be discussed with us. We ask you to call our doctors in the medical consultation hour (Mo-Thur between 12 and 1pm under the number T +43 1 934 69 79 – 222) in order to discuss this. Should you experience strong pain outside of our telephone hours please call the emergency hotline T +43 1 934 69 79 – 111 in order to speak with the doctor on duty.

If you have a headache you can take 1 tablet of Mexalen.

Can bleeding occur after the embryo transfer? Is this a sign of an abortion?

Bleeding before the pregnancy test: If you start bleeding please go to the test at the arranged time anyway. Bleeding does not automatically mean you are not pregnant.

Bleeding after a positive pregnancy test: Please go to a blood test on the next working day in the morning (we recommend: “Ihr Labor 1090” on Währinger Straße) and inform us. An ultrasound is only reasonable 4 weeks after the ovum pick-up as that is the earliest time we can see results.

The medication which you should take after the transfer can prevent the menstrual bleeding. In some cases spotting can occur – in such a case please go to the blood test as arranged. Bleeding does not automatically mean that you are not pregnant.

When can we have intercourse again?

We recommend that you refrain from intercourse during the days around the embryo transfer (3 days before/after) in order to minimize the risk of infection. After that you can decide depending on your physical wellbeing and pleasure. There are deliberations that nidation can be supported by intercourse.

Can I swim or bathe after the embryo transfer?

Bathing and swimming in lakes, pools or in the ocean is ok. Showers and short, not too hot, baths at home are no problem. In the case of thermal baths and whirlpools it should be remembered that the warm water is an ideal breeding ground for germs which is why we advise against it or recommend the use of special tampons for swimming.

Can I go in the solarium or sauna?

Because of the resulting heat development and physical exertion it should be refrained from using solarium or lying in the direct sun. This can lead to dark pigment spots developing on the face and stomach.

If you visited the sauna regularly before the treatment then you can continue. However, the heat should not be too high in order to prevent physical exertion. Please remember to drink a sufficient amount of fluids. Steam baths are no problem.

Can I drink coffee/tee?

There are no objections to 1 or 2 cups of coffee/tee per day.

Can I smoke?

If you have not managed to quit smoking by now please do so immediately. Smoking leads to bad circulation in the ovaries and can inhibit the development of the endometrium. This leads to a decrease in the success rate of up to 25% in fertility treatment patients. In addition, smokers experience an abortion twice as often.

Please also consider the fine dust exposure in your immediate surroundings (living area) and make sure the curtains, carpets and pillows are cleaned. The negative effects of passive smoking can be tremendous.

Can I drink alcohol?

Of course you can celebrate special events with a glass of wine – however, we have to point out that excessive alcohol consume can impair your pregnancy and the health of your unborn baby. Additionally, alcohol can disrupt the cell development of your baby and cause complications such as an abortion or premature birth. It is also important for men to reduce their alcohol consumption as it can reduce the quality and amount of sperm cells.

We have booked a holiday – can we fly?

The metall detectors at the airport are not dangerous. Flights are not a problem in our opinion.

Further questions?

If you still have questions please take a look at our fact sheet after the procedures:

Tips for your fertility journey around the ovum pick-up & embryo transfer