Costs & the IVF fund

The fund subsidizes 70% of the costs for IVF treatment for a maximum of 4 attempts if all requirements are met. The remaining deductible of 30% for treatment and medication costs (=deductible for one attempt) has to be covered by the couple. The amount of the deductible is dependent on the age of the patients as well as the kind of chosen treatment. Should you not fulfill all the requirements you will automatically become a private patient. Package prices for treatments and special methods can be requested via mail or telephone at our office team!

Your IVF fund deductible:

(as of 1st of September 2017, prices including 10% VAT)

18 to 34 years of age
35 to (incl.) 39 years of age
In-vitro-fertilization (IVF) € 896,70 € 956,99
In-vitro-fertilization (IVF) + Intracytoplasmatic sperm injection (ICSI) € 992,80 € 1.053,08
Transfer of cryopreserved embryos € 235,45 € 235,45
Cancel before the ovum pick-up (e.g. low response) € 437,35 € 497,63
Cancel after the ovum pick-up (e.g. fertilization failure) € 715,23 € 775,51
Cancel after the ovum pick-up and ICSI
€ 779,08 € 839,37

These IVF fund prices apply for one attempt. All services of the fertility treatment (consultations with our team of doctors, ultrasounds, medication, interventions, etc.) are included. Any additional methods and sedations have to be paid privately.

Details on the IVF fund

From the 1st of January 2000 the federal law which established the fund for the financing of in-vitro fertilization took effect. The IVF fund is an initiative by the Austrian health ministry. The financing for the IVF fund is provided by the compensation fund for family subsidies, the Austrian health insurance institutions and private insurance companies

Number of granted attempts

4 IVF attempts per couple and achieved pregnancy can be subsidized by the IVF fund. This means: every birth but also a confirmed tubal pregnancy or a miscarriage after the 8th pregnancy week (positive heartbeat) leads to the activation of 4 further attempts.

Every attempt starts with handing out the medication. This means that the beginning of every stimulation already counts as one attempt. The reason for this is that in some cases the ovum pick-up needs to be cancelled. (due to the fact that your ovaries have shown low or no response at all or they have shown a high response and there is an increased risk for a hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS).

If there are surplus embryos they will be cryopreserved in order to use them for another attempt. A cryo cycle also counts as one of four IVF attempts – a pregnancy achieved after a cryo cycle leads to the activiation of 4 further attempts.

Age limits before the start of an IVF fund attempt

The female partner cannot be older than 40 years. (deadline: 40th birthday)

The male / female partner cannot be older than 50 years. (deadline: 50th birthday)
Every attempt has to be registered and completed individually! The ongoing treatment can be finished with the financial support of the IVF fund within three months if one of both partners reaches the age limit during the attempt. After that a further attempt with the support of the IVF fund is not possible.

Proof of medical indication (at least 1 point has to be fulfilled)

Female indications:

-) Acknowledgment of closed or inadequate functioning of the fallopian tubes

-) Operational report or histology in the case of endometriosis (an IVF for women under 35 years cannot be conducted until twelve months after the operation)

-) Medical report of existing PCO syndrome

In addition to one of these indications a spermiogram of the male partner (not older than 2 years) is needed for the registration.

Male indication:

-) Pathospermia (no vasectomy!)
The IVF fund covers a part of the treatment costs if two spermiograms were conducted with a time gap of four weeks or longer and at least one of the following factors exists:

  • Concentration: < 10 mio. sperm cells per ml
  • Mobility: < 30% overall mobility (a + b) or < 20% progressive sperm cells (a)
  • Morphology: < 30% normally formed sperm cells

These criteria differ from the standard values of the World Health Organization (WHO)!

Here you can find all the law texts as well as important documents concerning the IVF fund. Especially important for the registration is the checklist for registration with the IVF fund. For the completion of an IVF attempt we also provided the report for pregnancy & birth!

Checklist for registration with the IVF fund – Citizens insured in Austria/EU
Checklist for registration with the IVF fund – Non EU citizens & Opting-Out
Report of the outcome of an IVF attempt

IVF fund law 2004
IVF fund law 2010
IVF fund law 2015