Using a donor of your choice

We offer the possibility to recruit your donor from within your friends or family. This offer includes the usage and testing of your desired donor according to the legal requirements.

For the sperm donation we need an above average amount of fertile sperm cells. Due to legal requirements donor sperm samples have to be cryopreserved, stored and can only be thawed and used after negative testing for infectious diseases. The amount of viable sperm cells is diminished to varying degrees during this process.  This means that not every healthy and naturally potent man is suitable for sperm donation. Only 5 – 10% of men can be used as sperm donor for an insemination treatment. This could mean that with your desired sperm donor we can only conduct an IVF treatment if the sperm quality is not sufficient for insemination.

Please take note when choosing your sperm donor that the amount of DNA damage in the sperm cells increases after 35 years of age. This can lead to reduced fertility and higher rates of miscarriage. For this reason we recommend an age limit of at most 35 years for sperm donors.

The sperm donor has no rights or obligations in Austria and has no maintenance obligation. The child has the right to request the identity of the donor after completion of the 14th year of age.

Steps for testing your donor of choice

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that the complete testing of the donor and storage of the samples can take up to 8 weeks of time!

  • The potential sperm donor should contact the Kinderwunschzentrum under the following email address or call +43 1 40 111 – 5421. For the time being we need first name, last name and birth date of the donor.
  • The donor will receive the necessary documents (questionnaire and declaration of consent) by email. These are to be returned to the Kinderwunschzentrum when fully completed.
  • After review of the documents the donor will be contacted in order to make an appointment for the first sperm donation.
  • On the day of the sperm donation a spermiogram result will be compiled and the sample processed and cryopreserved.
  • Within one week of the sperm donation part of the sample will be thawed and the viability of the sperm cells tested (thawing test).
  • If the thawing test yields a positive result the sperm donor will be invited to a personal interview. On the day of the interview and on each further day of sperm donation a blood sample will be required for serologic testing and testing using nucleic acid amplification technology (NAT) for infectious diseases. The blood will be tested for:
    Serologic testing: HBs-Ag, HBc-Ab, Hep C Ab, Treponema pallidum Ab, HIV-Ab
    NAT: HIV, Hep B, Hep C
    Furthermore a urine sample will be tested for chlamydia using NAT.
  • After that, genetic testing of the sperm donor is the last step. A karyogram will be conducted and a screening for autosomal recessive genes.

*You are aware that the transmission of this information via email occurs at your own risk. By transmitting the data in an unencrypted email, (unauthorized) third parties can gain access to this information or change the data.

Appointments for the donor of your choice

If your desired sperm donor lives abroad we would like to inform you that several appointments with as much as a week in between are necessary for the donor to attend at the Kinderwunschzentrum. All legally required examinations have to be conducted at the Kinderwunschzentrum or our partner laboratories.

Costs of the testing

The costs for the testing (above mentioned steps) of your donor of choice are 1.290 €.
This includes the spermiogram, preparation, cryopreservation and thawing of the sperm sample, the first consultation with the blood test for infectious serology as well as the genetic testing.

Further steps until the sperm donation

After the testing we will let you know

  • whether your desired sperm donor is suitable and
  • which fertility treatment we recommend (insemination or IVF).

Depending on the planned treatment a cryodepository of your donor’s sperm will be created; 1 – 4 sperm donations are useful.
For the creation of the cryodepository a signed declaration is necessary beforehand. Only after receipt of the signed contract at the Kinderwunschzentrum, will the desired number of sperm donations depending on treatment type be discussed with the donor. For every donation a blood and urin test will be necessary. If the results are negative the samples can be released and used in the next menstrual cycle.

Costs for the cryopreservation & storage of the donor sperm

The costs for the final cryopreservation and storage of the donor sperm are € 850.
This includes the cryopreservation, infectious serology and release per sperm delivery as well as the storage for 1 year (maximum of 4 sperm deliveries).

Additionally every further storage year (should you want to use the samples for further cycles in the future) costs € 300.

The costs for a possibly necessary fertilization using the ICSI method (eg. if the sperm quality is not ideal) are € 470.