Important changes for IVF fund patients as of 1.9.2017

The IVF fund initiated some important changes for all IVF fund treatments that become effective as of 1st of September 2017. These changes affect all patients which are registered with the IVF fund and will be financially supported by the IVF fund (= meeting of costs 70%).


  • Increase of all rates = deductible by 5%

  • Sedoanalgesia & anaesthesia during the ovum pick-up will not be covered by the IVF fund anymore and has to be paid privately

  • Testicular biopsy (TESE/MESA): The IVF fund will not be meeting 70% of arising costs for the surgery (approx. € 1.800-2.000) anymore, but will refund a fixed amount of € 453,67 to the couple.


The new deductibles will apply to all IVF fund treatments from 1st of September 2017 onwards!

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