Hormonal stimulation does not lead to a higher risk for melanoma

The assumption that female sex hormones played a role in the development of melanoma was refuted by a recent research study in Holland.

The number of melanoma (the most common form of skin cancer) in industrial countries has been rising constantly over the past 50 years. This is most likely caused by the increased exposure of the skin to UV-radiation and the low awareness what risks this exposure carries. However, as melanoma are more often diagnosed in women the suspicion arose that female sex hormones could be the reason for the development of this disease.

This assumption was the reason for a current research trial in Holland where women undergoing hormonal stimulation for IVF were examined for a higher risk for the development of melanoma. The study was conducted with 19.861 patients over a time frame of 17 years (Source: M.Spaan et al). The research trial came to the reassuring conclusion that women undergoing treatment for IVF are not at a higher risk for developing melanoma.

However, this does not replace the use of appropriate suntan lotion during and after the treatment!

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