Frequently asked questions on Corona & fertility

Here you will find an answer to all your questions about the corona virus, so that you can feel good and secure during your fertility journey.

COVID-19 vaccination


If you are planning a pregnancy (with or without fertility treatment), the COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for both partners. Ideally, both vaccinations should be completed before you start treatment.

(There is currently no evidence that the COVID-19 vaccination has a negative impact on fertility in women and men. In addition, a COVID-19 infection during pregnancy poses an increased risk of severe disease and premature birth.)


If your partner is planning a pregnancy, the COVID-19 vaccination is also recommended for you. Infecting your partner with COVID-19 during pregnancy can be very dangerous for both mother and child. In addition, there is currently no evidence that vaccination against COVID-19 has a negative impact on fertility in women and men.



If vaccinated immediately after an insemination, the body's immune reaction may affect the likelihood of pregnancy.


  • Treatment can be started at any time after the 2nd vaccination.
  • Can I also get vaccinated during the IVF / ICSI treatment cycle?
    • In principle YES - especially if there is an increased risk of infection or disease.
  • If the vaccination falls within the period of implantation (between embryo transfer and pregnancy test), we recommend freezing all suitable embryos and postponing the transfer to the next cycle.
  • COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy

NO, a planned COVID vaccination unfortunately does not extend the IVF fund entitlement

  • for women who have their 40th birthday during this time
  • couples who have exceeded the 6-month period after registration

The following recommendations apply equally to all COVID-19 vaccines:

You have NOT yet received a vaccination:
Ideally, BOTH vaccinations should be completed before starting treatment. Treatment can be started immediately after the 2nd vaccination.

You have already received the 1st vaccination:
You can start treatment immediately after the 1st vaccination. You can then have the 2nd vaccination as planned - however, if the vaccination date falls around the time of embryo transfer (+/- 3 days), we recommend freezing the embryos and using them at a later date.

You have already received the 2nd vaccination:
You can start treatment immediately.

You are already pregnant:
Vaccination (especially for high-risk groups) is possible at any time during pregnancy. In order to exclude a connection to spontaneous premature births, which also occur otherwise, the recommendation is to vaccinate after the 1st trimester. 

Fertility & treatment

YES. According to the COVID Measures Ordinance, you are allowed to leave your private living area to take advantage of a health service. On request, you will also receive a confirmation from our office team, which you can show in the event of a control by the security authorities.

Yes. Our center is open without restrictions and we look forward to accompanying you on your Fertility Journey! We developed a detailed COVID-19 prevention concept months ago and offer you a safe fertility treatment through comprehensive measures.

You can continue your treatment without any changes.

However, we ask you to come to your appointment alone. Exceptions are:

  • the first interview
  • the final consultation
  • the day of ovum pick-up
  • the day of insemination / embryo transfer
  • if you need an interpreter
  • if you need your partner as a mental support due to psychological issues