Mandy Winkler, BA


born 1981 in Germany

  • After graduating nursing school in Germany I used to work as a nurse in Vienna for 13 years.
  • During this period I successfully completed my special training in anaesthesia and intensive care related nursing.
  • Primarily I have been working in specific areas like intensive care units and post-operative care.
  • Thanks to studying while being employed (Business Administration for the Public Health Sector) I acquired health management expertise as well as a contemporary and innovative training in operational management.
  • From the beginning of my professional work around 14 years ago I have gained deeper insights in operating procedures of health care companies. On a daily basis I see the significance of a quite unique organization and that quality is only maintained by constant refining.
  • Since January 2017 I am part of this innovative and competent team managing the Pre-Department in the Kinderwunschzentrum.

„In order to use the time until your first consultation as productive and simple as possible, I will be pleased to answer any subjects and questions. It is very important to me that you are in good hands in our center at all times prior to the first consultation and eventually start your treatment in a relaxed matter.“