Dr. Dijana Hadžiomerovic-Pekic

Pekic Dijana

Born 1972 in Sarajevo as the second daughter of two doctors; married; one son (*2008), one daughter (*2013)

Languages: German, Bosnian-Serbo-Croatian, English

  • 1991 finished high school in the I Gymnasium in Sarajevo and started medical studies at the faculty of medicine at the Sarajevo University
  • 1992 sought refuge in Germany with her older sister due to the war and was forced to interrupt her studies
  • 1992-1994 nursing in the rest home of BRK Bamberg, Germany
  • 1994 continued medical studies at the Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen. Continued working for 19 hours/week during her entire study period (since 1996 on-call duties and night shifts at the Erlangen University Clinic)
  • April 2000 – March 2001 a year of practical studies at the Erlangen-Nürnberg University Clinic (internal medicine, surgery, gynecology)
  • May 2001 finished medical studies (average score of 1.6)
  • 2001-2003 doctor-in-training, then doctoral assistant at the Erlangen University Women’s Clinic
  • February 2003 finished doctoral studies at the Erlangen Medical University Clinic
    (Dissertation with the title ”Prospective Coverage of the Living Quality of Patients in Intensive Care with Time and Comparison with the Living Quality of the Overall German Population”)
  • March 2003 – August 2006 doctoral assistant at the Innsbruck University Women’s Clinic in the field of gynecology and obstetrics; obtained in-depth experience and scientific studies in the field of endocrinology and reproductive medicine.
  • August 2006 – January 2007 doctoral assistant at the Ulm University Women’s Clinic, Germany
  • January 2007 specialist examination for gynecology and obstetrics in Ulm, Germany
  • January 2007 – August 2009 doctor and research assistant at the Department of Endocrinology at the Ulm University Women’s Clinic (March 2008 – August 2009 maternity leave)
  • Since September 2009 assistant medical director at the Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz in Vienna, Austria.
  • In 2011 I founded the PCOS-centre in the Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz.

Special fields:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Ovarian insufficiency
Habitual abortions


“Because of my language skills and my background, I would be more than happy to ease the path to obtaining a child for couples from the former Yugoslavia. Please contact me!”