Reproductive medicine basic ultrasound (REBUS)

Ultrasound diagnostics for the fertility treatment consultation

The ultrasound examination is an indispensable part of the clarification and therapy of an unfulfilled desire for children. The reproductive medicine basic ultrasound (REBUS) was developed at the Kinderwunschzentrum and serves as a measure to define problems relevant in fertility treatments. For this reason, this examination should be conducted at the beginning of fertility treatments. The most optimal time is during the first half of the monthly cycle, between the last day of the period and the time of ovulation. Should the cycle be irregular the basic ultrasound is conducted 3-10 days after a spontaneously occurring or medically induced period.

At this point in time changes in the uterine endometrium, such as benign growths (polyps in the mucous membrane) or muscular lumps (myoma polyps) can be seen more clearly than in the second half of the monthly cycle. Thickening in the muscular layer of the uterus (myoma), especially in the vicinity of the uterine cavity, can inhibit the transport of sperm cells to the egg cell as well as the nidation of an embryo.

Antral follicle count (AFC)
Based on the amount of follicles measured in the ovaries at the start of the monthly cycle and the ovarian volume, accurate predictions regarding ovarian activity can be made. A low number (<5 on each side) and a reduced ovarian volume (<5ml) can be an indication for a beginning decrease of ovarian reserve.

REBUS form

With the REBUS form which was developed by the Kinderwunschzentrum you can easily conduct the reproductive medicine basic ultrasound in your ordination. Please fill out the form with all the required data! If your patient wants to start a treatment with us please send this medical form to our office at:

Furthermore, you can read our medical information on the REBUS which was especially created for gynaecologists by Dr. Christoph Kindermann. In this document you can find all the important details on the conduction of the ultrasound.

REBUS form
Medical information 04/2013 – REBUS