Akademie Kinderwunschzentrum

The fertility treatment progresses quickly and the number of affected couples and their demand for the best possible clarification and treatment is increasing. Therefore, gynaecologists and urologists wish for further education and cooperation with the Kinderwunschzentrum.

This was the reason to establish the Akademie Kinderwunschzentrum. It is a point of contact for further education as well as for doctors who would like to extend their knowledge in reproductive medicine. Our Akademie Kinderwunschzentrum should help you gain new knowledge and new treatment methods for the daily routine in your practice.

The fertility treatment in practice

We offer practice oriented training events for the following topics among other:

Care of couples with the desire to have children in practice, diagnostics, sterility treatments, technical, clinical, legal and ethical aspects of the modern reproductive medicine.

The training courses are dividided into 3 overall steps for gynaecologists. However it is possible to offer further events for specific professional groups.

  • Step I – Basics for reproductive medicine
  • Step II – Reproductive medicine in practice
  • Step III – Practicing reproductive physicians
  • Step S – Special step for specialists in residency

Our person of contact for the Akademie Kinderwunschentrum is:

Kristina Berger, MA
T +43 1 40 111 – 5409
E-Mail: marketing@kinderwunschzentrum.at