Nutritional consultation

What does eating right mean for Chinese dieticians?

It is important to eat food which is the most suitable for a specific person with regard to their bodily constitution and health status. The preparation of food also plays a large part. Steamed, baked, grilled or raw foods have a different effect on our energy balance depending on their type and the person that eats them.

What is influenced by healthy eating?

  • Introducing high-quality, energy-rich nutrition
  • Reaching balance (yin & yang)
  • Improving the free energy flow (dissolution of blockades)
  • Positive influence on the sperm and egg cell quality
  • Preparing the uterus for embryo nidation
  • Improving cell replenishment (avoidance of premature aging, improving performance)
  • Improving the immune system
  • Reaching the personal ideal weight

What happens in a nutritional consultation?

In a dietary consultation based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) your health status is evaluated and summarized. Pulse and tongue diagnostics identify your energy levels and based on that a personalized therapy plan is tailored.

This depends on your body’s constitution, your age, your profession, as well as on the time of year. At the same time you are given valuable, easily applicable tips for everyday life.

One consultation session lasts 1.5 hours.

Information: BEST nutritional consultation

Information and appointments

Please state your wish for dietary consultation via telephone, fax or e-mail. Ms. Johanna Wolf, MSc will get in contact with you and make an appointment for a personal meeting.

Johanna Wolf, MSc
Biomedical analyst, Graduated nutrition consultant according to TCM
T +43 699 127 411 44

Recipes during fertility treatment

Delicious dietary tips

Spice up your life

A long time ago, the spices were worth their weight in gold and conquests were fought in their name. Today we have herbs and spices available in an immeasurable variety of tastes. Their aroma enhances our meals and makes them full of taste and more interesting. Furthermore, they are rich in antioxidants, i.e. they can neutralize the free radicals resulting from, for example, stress. Moreover, they contain vitamins, trace elements, act as proton acceptors and thereby enhance the fertility of both men and women.

Improve your digestion and nutrient uptake

Usually, herbs and spices have strong tastes and stimulate our digestion glands. Their energizing action assists the digestive tract in the food breakdown, which frees its nutritional value. For example, ginger, chili and pepper are thermally “hot”, while nutmeg, caraway, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon and all dried herbs thermally are “warm”. We should eat these often in winter time.

Bring warmth to your body!

Herbs and spices warm the body from inside and protect the organism from external cold as well as enhancing the immune system and the libido. Traditionally, sauerkraut is seasoned with caraway and juniper berries. Gingerbread contains many warming spices, and the cardamom and cinnamon in baked apples are not only comforting, but will spark your love life as well.

Spices and medicines

Ginger is an essential part of the Chinese cuisine and dietetics. Let us take a look at its conception-favoring effect.

Ginger as a “nest warmer”

In the scope of the traditional Chinese medicine, the uterus can be “cold” or “wet”. In this state, it is an obstacle for pregnancy. Papaya, for example, is thermally very cold and inhibits the conception ability. Ginger has exactly the opposite effect. With its sustained warming it improves the nutrient uptake, enhances the circulation and thereby facilitates the nidation. If a place is pleasantly warm, we feel happy – prepare a comfy “nest” for your youngling.

Enjoyment with ginger

  • If you often feel cold and tired, meals containing meat are especially recommendable. If you generously use ginger in the preparation the accumulation of toxic rests is inhibited and the aroma becomes balanced. If you cook it together with lentils and beans, it opens the protein structures and prevents flatulence.
  • If you mince it, grate it or cut it in thin slices, it will improve the taste of salads, cereals, vegetables, fish and meat. If you only want to give your food a ginger aroma, rub the frying pan or the wok with a ginger slice.