Women older than 38

There is a strong connection between the age of a woman and the chances of achieving pregnancy. With progressing age, fertility decreases out especially from 33 onwards. A significant decrease can be noticed after the age of 38. We want to create awareness about natural processes within a woman’s body and would like to provide individual counselling and clarification. Furthermore, it is our great concern to inform patients about possible consequences should they delay their desire for children until an advanced age.

In order to not lose any time, we created a special care for women from the age of 38: fast and specific clarification, as well as counselling with a focus on determination of the so-called “ovarian reserve”. This is necessary to formulate an opinion on which treatment is reasonable. During the first consultation you will learn about:

  • realistic clarification on chances of success
  • the age-based risks of a pregnancy from 38+ onwards
  • education on alternative treatments like “IVF in the natural cycle”, pre-implantation diagnostics, egg donation, embryo donation