Almost painless assessment of fallopian tubes pervasiveness by ultrasound and ExEM® foam

A blockage of the fallopian tubes can be the cause of infertility in roughly 25-30% of all female patients. For this reason, testing the pervasiveness of the fallopian tubes is a deciding factor for the treatment of our patients. An alternative to the fallopian tubes x-ray examination, which is often considered uncomfortable, is available at the Kinderwunschzentrum.

A highly echogenic foam (ExEm® Foam) produced by mixing a special gel with water is formed and allowed to run into the fallopian tubes via the uterus. Using ultrasound, the flexibility and pervasiveness of the fallopian tubes can then be examined.

The procedure offers the following advantages compared to conventional methods such as fallopian tube X-ray exams or laparoscopy:

  • An almost painless and low risk procedure
  • Less invasive
  • No X-ray exposure
  • No requirement for anaesthesia

A further advantage is that the examination can be performed at the Kinderwunschzentrum in the course of a 30 minute appointment.

Examination procedure

Initially a mirror examination, similar to the kind performed during a yearly gynaecological check-up is used to visualise the external mouth of the uterus. After thorough disinfection of the vagina, a catheter is carefully positioned in the cervix. Correct positioning is confirmed by ultrasound and the ExEm® Foam is washed into the uterine cavity. A contrast agent visualises the uterine cavity, before being moved further into the fallopian tubes, where ultrasound is used to determine if the agent runs through the tubes and drips into the abdominal cavity. You can follow the procedure on our ultrasound monitor.


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