The Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz

The Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz was established in June 2000 by Univ. Prof. Dr. Andreas Obruca and Univ. Prof. Dr. Heinz Strohmer. Through the active support of the Austrian Society of the Goldenes Kreuz and the administrative director Mag. Cornelia Obermeier, MAS we obtained all the permissions needed and gained a contract with the Austrian IVF fund.

It was our greatest concern to create a comfortable, intimate and relaxing atmosphere as well as meet all state of the art criteria regarding the construction of the IVF laboratory, the procedure room and doctors’ offices. As a result of our hard work we were able to celebrate our first IVF pregnancy one month after the opening in March 2001.
Meanwhile we are the largest IVF institute in Austria!

Our whole team is available for you if you require confidential noncommittal information. You have already had prior treatments and know what you want? Then we can start right away without wasting any more time.