Our first baby was born in 2001.

We are happy and proud to announce that after 15 years of existence we helped countless couples to make their dream of having a child come true!

Success rates, statistics & diagrams are is one thing, but what really counts in the end is that you are able (maybe after a long and difficult path) to hold your little piece of happiness in hands.

That’s why we want to show you experiences and thank you notes from our couples on this page. (Because of the personal and intimate nature of things we only wrote down the initials instead of full names of our patients.)

Dear team at the Kinderwunschzentrum!

Our daughter was born in June.
Thank you a lot for your wonderful work. Now we can have a beautiful daughter because of you.

Family B.

Dear team of the Kinderwunschzentrum,

I want to thank you for the last years in which I was treated so professionally and that I had two wonderful children with your help. Please remain such a lovely, committed, empathic, qualified team as ever! I am now and then thinking back to the time here with a smile.

Warmest regards, M.H. & Family


Dear Dr. Strohmer, Dr. Obruca & the amazing team at Kinderwunschzentrum!

It’s hard to express in words the gratitude we have for all the effort you put into helping us to have our 2 miracles. Our 2 boys were born in May. When they will be old enough to travel we will sure pay you a visit in Vienna!

All the best,
A., O., N. & L.S.

Hi everybody,

I am Sebastian and I would like to say “Danke Kinderwunschzentrum!!!”. Thank you for helping me come to this world and make my parents very happy.
I was born on 25 June 2014 and I am perfectly healthy.

We would like to say one more time thank you for everything you’ve done fore us.

Best regards, N. & D.B. and Sebastian

Dear Kinderwunschzentrum team,

I would like to thank you from all my heart, for the professionalism and great care you displayed during our IVF treatment at your clinic. With tremendous joy I would like to announce you, that on January 10th our son and daugther have been born, and since then, they are filling our life with happiness.
All this would have not been possible, if it wasn’t for you and your dedication to what you are doing every day.

I would like to specially thank Prof. Dr. Andreas Obruca that assisted us with the embryo transfers. With your professionalism, good advices and encouragement, you gave us hope each time; to Dr. Verena Passuello, that assisted us from day one, establishing our treatment, monitoring and being there for us to respond to any question or helping us in any way possible; to the front office personnel that kindly welcomed us, or replied us each time. And not the last, to the people in the IVF lab, that might not have been so visible for us, but I know that you were key for our success. Thank you for doing what you are doing! Keep up the good work!

As a token of our appreciation we are attaching a picture with the most loved members of our family.

Yours sincerely, L. & I. H.

Dear Prof. Strohmer,

these are our twin boys, E. and I., born on July 2nd 2012. Pictures were taken at 12 weeks, they are much bigger now, happy and smiling. We cannot thank you enough for your help!

Forever grateful, V.T. & C.T.

Dear Dr. Obruca,

I always remember you with love and joy that you and your colleagues have given us. May health, happiness und peace always be with you all.

G. & K.