BEST HELP. - what makes us special

To make your dream come true.

We at the Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz are here for you if you need confidential and non-committal information on the topic of fertility treatment. If you have undergone prior attempts and know which treatment you need you can of course start a treatment without losing time.

The therapy options in this area are as varied as the different diagnoses. Therefore, we attune the therapy to your special situation and additionally try to integrate the treatment into your daily routine.

Information - Consultation - Get-together.

For all interested couples we offer a monthly information evening. We will present you with information on the different diagnoses and therapy options. Subsequently, we offer a guided tour of our facilities (including the sperm and oocyte labs). An important part of our information evening is the possibility to consult with our fertility specialists. This allows you to receive a short opinion without the waiting period for a consultation. Get to know us – we look forward to your visit! Detailed dates can be found here.

Your appointments are guaranteed.

Due to the constant availability of a team of doctors comprised of 8 reproductive medicine specialists and 2 general practitioners no appointment has to be postponed. We can guarantee reliability of appointments regardless of public holidays, staff training, sick leave or holidays.

Opening hours?

Yes we are – even 7 days a week as our patients’ menstrual cycles do not abide by weekdays. As we always want to choose the optimum time for certain treatment steps this means that cycle-dependent procedures and ultrasounds can take place with an appointment 7 days a week and thus also on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Patient-centered medicine.

The period of pure medical care by our team is in the past. We have recognized that treatment success is not possible without a human component and non-medical benefits. Our couples want to regain a part of self-determination and we offer the necessary “tools”.

Medical AND human care.

The innumerable possibilities for fertility treatments and the associated technical terms, medication and things to consider can be overwhelming for patients. This is completely normal and we would like to help you understand everything better. Our qualified nurses offer a helping hand for all questions, look after you before and after the procedures (ovum pick-up and embryo transfer) and are available for you even without an appointment. Whether IVF-counseling, injection training or queries on the stimulation plan – the professional and human component is essential to our nursing team.

Special treatments for your success.

Depending on your specific situation we offer diverse additional treatments which are not necessarily medical in nature but can be crucial for success. These encompass, for example, nutritional counseling by our employee Johanna Wolf, acupuncture by our GP Dr. Béatrice Danninger or the very informative and helpful IVF-counseling by our qualified nursing team. Additionally, we offer relaxation groups, psychological counseling as well as immediate care in crisis situations by our psychotherapist Eveline Paula Leitl.

Embryoglue, nidation injection or infusion therapy?

The choice and the combination of additional therapies can be seen as the last puzzle piece for the success of the treatment. However, often single methods are sufficient – „the more the better“ does not apply here. Our extremely experienced lab team chooses the best method for you from our range of treatments in order to guarantee the highest success rate.

We speak your language.

Multi-cultural society is a challenge for institutes in urban regions and the language barrier can be an additional obstacle. However, we are perfectly prepared. Currently we can offer first consultations in 8 languages (German, English, Italian, French, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian). Your language is missing? You are of course welcome to bring an interpreter!

There are no limits to your treatment.

Sadly some couples and single women cannot conduct treatments in Austria, however, our European centers in several EU countries can help them fulfill their dream. During a first consultation at the Kinderwunschzentrum a complete treatment plan can be drawn up.

The Goldenes Kreuz Privatklinik – your benefits.

The fact that we are a part of the daily routine of the Goldenes Kreuz hospital offers many benefits which you might not have considered.

  • Anaesthetist: due to the connection with the clinic we can rely on the constant availability of an anaesthetist. This is important if you wish to undergo the ovum pick-up in anaesthesia.
  • TESE removal: You have the possibility to undergo a testicular biopsy in a certified tissue removal insitution with an approved tissue bank. These procedure are mainly conducted by our urologist Prim.Univ.Doz.Dr. Eugen Plas in the premises of the Goldenes Kreuz.
  • Patency test of fallopian tubes: in the radiology department of the hospital you can have this test done and it will be covered by your Austrian health insurance. Subsequently, you can discuss the results with one of our doctors.
  • Hysteroscopy: the medical director of the hospital, Univ.Prof.Dr. Fritz Nagele, conducts this outpatient procedure (without overnight stay) directly at the Kinderwunschzentrum.
  • Laboratory: the IMCL Laboratory in the Goldenes Kreuz private hospital conducts most blood analysis – without appointment – and delivers the results directly to us. You do not have to concern yourself with anything.